johann philipp strathausen

berlin based indie maker


here are some thing i consider to work on in the future. or maybe never.

  • no code social network builder a lot of social networks are very similar, with just a few differences.
  • micro rc car fpv like mario kart live but way cheaper and simpler.
  • blockchain mmo whatever that even means
  • bible social network a place to talk about one of mankinds oldest literary collections. may become a base for similar networks of other religious works.
  • secret sharing app end to end encrypted secret collaboration app, peer to peer. thinking of address books or even wikis. seems hard to do.
  • journaling app just asking you two or three questions each day. search vomit system on youtube. e.g.: what made you angry today? what obligations do you have? things you are grateful for. the angry part is really important for me. just let it out before you go to sleep.
  • wayang inspired game has to look real. but what would it be about? it’s gotta have the music tho.