johann philipp strathausen

berlin based indie maker

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Johann Philipp Strathausen

Senior Software Engineer



With 16 years of professional experience as a full-stack developer, I’ve had the privilege of working on a diverse array of projects for clients across industries, including fashion, automotive, and aeronautics.

After university, I joined Fit Analytics as the technical co-founder. It went on to become a market leader in online size recommendations. Co-founding Codepan followed, where I collaborated with major clients like Daimler, Wix, and Webasto.

I’m currently working at Your Juno, where I am part of a small team and have bootstrapped an app from the ground up. Sadly, Juno is undergoing a transformation and I will become available shortly.

Throughout my career, I’ve excelled in fast-paced, evolving environments by proactively identifying potential time sinks and opting for pragmatic solutions that yield both immediate results and long-term maintainability.

My tools of choice are currently typescript, nodejs, rust, nextjs, react and postgres - but I’m constantly learning more.

Experience (2024—now)

  • Role: Side project
  • Highlights: Food recipe sharing community. Content moderation powered by AI.
  • Technologies: OpenAI, LangChain, Prisma, Postgres, TypeScript, React, tRPC, Next.js, Vercel

Your Juno (2021—now)

  • Role: Senior Developer
  • Highlights: A mobile app for financial education for women and non-binary people.
  • Technologies: Prisma, Postgres, TypeScript, React, React Native, GraphQL

RJM Business Solutions (2020—2021)

  • Role: Freelancer
  • Highlights: Archeology software, cartography, LiDAR, geometry authoring.
  • Technologies: QGis, TypeScript, React, Django, Python, Postgres

Codepan GmbH (2014—2020)

  • Role: Senior Lead Developer
  • Projects Include: wescale-jaggaer (Bosch),, Vehicle Lens,,, quanto, Wix Education.
  • Technologies: Various including Django, Python, React, Node.js, Angular, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Docker. (2014)

  • Role: Freelancer, Senior Developer
  • Highlights: Aerospace management interfaces, e-government platforms.
  • Technologies: PostgreSQL, PostGIS, PHP/Laravel, OpenMaps, SVG, JavaScript.

Fit Analytics GmbH (2010—2014)

  • Role: CTO, Co-Founder
  • Highlights: Technical co-founder, developed online size advisor used by major brands.
  • Technologies: MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Node.js, ActionScript, Python, PHP, OpenCV.

Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS (2007—2010)

  • Role: Junior Developer
  • Highlights: Semantic reasoning, location-based services, Tokyo subway simulations.
  • Technologies: J2EE, J2ME, JavaScript, Prolog, Semantic Web.


Freie Universität Berlin (2003—2010)

  • Degree: Diploma in Computer Science
  • Thesis: Semantic Profiles in UPnP AV

Technical University Bucharest (2005—2006)

  • Program: Academic Exchange Year in Computer Science


  • Native German
  • Fluent English & Romanian
  • Fair Hebrew & French
  • Basic Indonesian