johann philipp strathausen

berlin based indie maker


after weeks of choosing the right stack, i finally started working on, a place where people can share recipes with each other. right now, it’s just a landing page with dummy content that lets you create an account.

planned features

  • remix recipes from other users
  • set up your own food blog
  • import recipes from other places
  • follow food bloggers you like

the tech stack

i’ve opted for prisma, postgres and nextjs. so far i’m quite happy with it. i wanted to use vue at first, because i really wanted to like it, but damn i hate how productive i am with react. so react it is. again.

for styling, i’ve let myself be brainwashed into giving tailwind a try. i really wanted to hate tailwind, but i have to admit, i fell in love with it really fast. it’s so easy to bring my vision to life and make it look good.


here are some things i have planned so far:

  1. users can sign in
  2. users can create recipes
  3. users can like, share, remix… and se their feed
  4. …and more
  5. a mobile app for sure!

stay tuned.