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A vintage LaTeX template

Some days ago I was writing an invitation for something but didn’t find any LaTeX templates that where hip enough.

Last time I actually worked with LaTeX was years ago for my diploma thesis. Since then, I only use it to write snail mail letters. After just about ten minutes of googl^wlooking up related keywords on a popular search engine, I was already able to cook something nice up! Here is the result. (of a few minutes more fiddling…)

This is great for posters, invitations or even business cards.


To stretch text to full-width of the page, use the shortcut

\wunder{Here comes the text}

In order to reduce the vertical space after a line, use the shortcut


Place it before the line that you want it to have reduced vertical space!

Thanks to The League of Movable Type for their open source font Chunk that’s being used in this example.

Fine tuning

Up for some colours? Latex offers nice and catchy keywords for that, via the xcolors module.

Installation and usage

It should be enough work to have texlive installed. I use rubber to compile it, like that:

rubber -d wunderkarte.latex