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Mumpitz - Stream Punk Blog Engine

Here’s a little static site generator I hacked together just for the fun of it. I call it mumpitz.


As most static site generators, Mumpitz can read markdown files annotated with yaml and render them with associated template files (currently, mustache).

I don’t like that many blog generators in nodejs make you install the npm module globally or even clone their git repository and start from there.

mumpitz can be installed via npm locally and reside in your package.json.

npm i mumpitz

Here’s how you would use it.

var Blog = require('mumpitz');
var blog = new Blog({
  dir: __dirname + '/articles'
blog.go(function(err) {
  if(err) {
    return console.log('Oh, there was an error:', err);

Internally, it uses node’s stream api to set up an asynchroneous plugin pipe processing the content, through the awesome event stream module, which makes it really easy.