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DIY 2D Glasses

Are you annoyed by movies only being screened in 3D?

When going out with friends to see a film, are you always arguing about whether to see it in 3D or in 2D?

There is a solution: Home made 2D glasses! One can now go to a film in 3D, enjoy the superiour 3D price, but watch it in 2D!

How does it work?

All you need is two pairs of 3D glasses (ideally those made of paper). Follow these two easy steps:

  1. cut the left glass from one pair and the right glass the other pair
  2. exchange them so that one pair of glasses has two left glasses and the other one has two right glasses

The result: Two pairs of 2D glasses!

But I don’t have two pairs of 3D glasses!

Don’t dis-pair. If it’s a pair with linearly polarized glasses (like IMAX), just turn one glass by 90 degrees.

If the glasses have a modern circular polarization, you just have to mirror one glass through itself!

Enjoy your 2D movie experience.