johann philipp strathausen

berlin based indie maker

about me

hello, i’m philipp, a software engineer based in berlin. with over 16 years of professional experience, i’ve developed a deep expertise in full-stack development.

i co-founded fit analytics, a leader in online size recommendations, and later, codepan, where i worked with major clients such as daimler, wix, and webasto. currently, i’m part of the team at your juno, bootstrapping an app from the ground up designed to empower women and non-binary individuals with financial knowledge through a unique blend of video content and social networking.

my side project,, where i’m creating a food recipe sharing platform with content moderation powered by ai.

my diverse project portfolio across various industries, including fashion, automotive, and aeronautics, highlights my adaptability and commitment to excellence.

outside of coding, i’m deeply interested in computer linguistics, natural language processing, and the rust programming language. i’m also multilingual, fluent in german, english, romanian, with fair knowledge of hebrew and french, and basic indonesian.

let’s connect

if you’re interested in discussing technology, software development, or potential collaboration, feel free to reach out through my email or connect with me on github.